"After suffering from horrible hay fever for almost 15 years, and taking the available over-the-counter drugs to dry myself out and temporarily fix the symptoms, I decided to try an alternative route. Kristi Holmes assessed my needs, and combined an acupuncture treatment with some Chinese herbal remedies that began having a positive effect within only a few weeks.  Now, after a couple years, I don't even remember what allergies feel like!  Kristi's acupuncture and herbal remedy treatments have also helped my varicose vein issues, and a variety of other smaller issues that have arisen over the years.  I'm a true believer of acupuncture now, thanks to Kristi!"

--Eric, consultant, athlete

“Kristi Holmes has helped me move away from the use of antibiotics for reoccurring sinus infections and has helped me strengthen my immune system.  Her mentor, Dr. Jane Tang, passed on vast knowledge of Chinese herbs and acupuncture when Kristi worked for her.  Kristi has taken this knowledge and combined it with a fine academic and acupuncture education and with her own sense of good health and healing.  The result is a bright, young woman dedicated to helping her clients find good health.  I feel she has become my friend in the process and that she truly cares about the total well-being of her clients.  She is a comforting and extremely competent healer.”

--Jane, artist, mother

“I am honored that Kristi asked me to write a testimonial. I owe her so much, a deep debt of gratitude. She takes away pain. She heals. She takes this very seriously. She is very good at what she does, keeping up the tradition of her mentor, Dr. Bick Jane Tang. I first met Kristi when I was in pain from a car accident. I had almost no use of my left arm. It had been diagnosed, or should I say misdiagnosed, as a pinched rotator cuff that would require at least one surgery. She fixed it .I was suffering from extreme tinnitus. She got it under control, and time did the rest. I am presently in treatment for a badly sprained ankle and resultant plantar fasciaitis. When I started treatment it was agony to walk down a lane in a supermarket. Allopathic medicine and chiropractics told me there wasn’t much they could do. She fixed it. I am glad Kristi is there, for me, for my family, for people I love. I could go on and on. I don’t want to take up her whole website, but feel free to call me, Kristi has my number. OM SHANTI NAMASTE”

--George, philosopher, father

“After a year of trying to conceive, I consulted Kristi for help trying to regulate my periods and to get pregnant.  Through a combination of acupuncture and herbs, Kristi helped to regulate my period and we got pregnant.  Kristi is very open and listens to what you have to say.  I also saw Kristi briefly after having knee surgery.  My knee was so stiff, I felt like there was gum in the joint.  After just one appointment with Kristi, my knee felt significantly different and I was able to walk with much less pain.  I highly recommend her services!!!”

--Tanya, mother, trainer

“After suffering years of chronic back and neck pain, I was forced to confront my skepticism and try the mysterious world of acupuncture. Fortunately, a friend referred me to Kristi Holmes and I was immediately impressed with her thoughtful approach to what conventional health care practitioners seemed less that interested in defining and resolving. Most importantly, I was thrilled with the outcome of Kristi’s treatments! Within a few weeks I had literally forgotten that I had back and neck problems. Not only did I find relief form ongoing pain, but I also found a truly caring professional who could help me coordinate and understand other health conditions and deal with them in the mysterious world of conventional western medicine. I am a long time client of Kristi’s….and a huge fan!”

--Dorothy, former healthcare administrator

“Kristi Holmes is an exceptionally gifted and qualified practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, which, in her hands, are powerful tools for healing. She also has a firm grasp of Western medicine and how to integrate it into her treatments. Kristi is compassionate, intelligent, intuitive, generous, and a great listener. She never stops learning and seeking better solutions for my problems and those of her other patients. I highly recommend her services and, in fact, I do so at every opportunity.”

--Sally, consultant

“My first introduction to acupuncture was in 1981 and since then I have benefited from countless treatments for a variety of health issues. It is from this long experience as an acupuncture patient that I write this endorsement for Kristi Holmes. I have brought various health complaints to Kristi and without exception her treatment has significantly improved my health. Not only is she a skilled acupuncturist, but she is also an effective herbalist. Her choice of product line is much appreciated. She prescribes and provides effective formulas that are easy to take and do not require long preparations. Kristi is a gifted healer and a delightful person with a positive attitude that promotes health. I strongly recommend her treatments to anyone seeking health and well-being.”

--Laurie, therapist, mother