Kristi Holmes L. Ac., provides a positive, grounding experience of acupuncture and other Traditional Asian Medicine (TAM) techniques from her office in Marin County's Mill Valley. Kristi believes in an integrative approach to health and will advise openmindedly about all options available for a given condition and provide an honest assessment of how acupuncture and TAM including herbal prescription, exercise and lifestyle choices can help.

Acupuncture and TAM (also referred to as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM)) can benefit many conditions and work preventatively as well. One of the Kristi's area of expertise is acute and chronic pain and injury of the back , neck, shoulders, hips, elbows, knees, wrist/hands, ankles/feet, jaw….you name it, Kristi has needled it with success! And don’t let the needle word deter you, they are small enough that some call them pins and Kristi is skilled with insertion. The experience is very relaxing for most and the results ease any trepidation (See FAQ and testimonials)

In addition to muscular-skeletal pain conditions, Kristi works with women’s health issues including irregular or painful periods, infertility, menopause and all the associated conditions of hormonal imbalances in between.  She also does cosmetic or facial acupuncture for those seeking an alternative to conventional approaches. 

Kristi also addresses many of today's common health concerns including: fatigue, stress, digestive discomfort, headaches, allergies, sinusitis, and much more by integrating the ancient wisdom TAM brings with modern research and insight. TAM strives to correct the inner disharmony so that whatever the symptom, it can be minimized.

Please look further and explore the world of acupuncture and TAM as an alternative, complementary and integrative healing art that continues to amaze and help people heal.


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